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DDorDD Naughty Expansion

DDorDD Naughty Expansion

$24.99 Regular Price
$18.74Sale Price

DDorDD Naughty Expansion - The tabletop game that's perfect for a night of laughter, drinks, and daring adventures with your closest friends! This expansion pack brings a whole new level of naughtiness to the game, with 100 extra cards that are sure to spice up the fun. Whether you're playing as a standalone mini-game or incorporating it into the main game, the "Naughty Expansion" will take your gameplay to the next level. Get ready for heated hypes, cheeky challenges, and tenacious tomfoolery with your "closest" friends. This expansion is sure to heighten your experience and keep the party going!


  • 15 Drink Cards
  • 45 Challenge Cards
  • 25 Dare Cards
  • 15 Double Dare Cards


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